Welcome from our Primary & Secondary School Heads


 Welcome to the Primary School

Mrs  Susan Cox - Head of Primary
Mrs. Susan Cox

 Head of Primary School

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Welcome to the Primary School!


It is my pleasure to welcome you and your children to our Primary School. Together with my dedicated, enthusiastic and hard working team of educators, we aim to help children achieve their potential in a friendly, collaborative and secure environment. We focus on helping children ‘make connections to build knowledge, strengthen skills and deepen understanding’. 


We are a community of dynamic international teachers and families from around the world. Our broad curriculum includes a variety of subject areas, with specialist teachers in music, PE and IT. We focus on educating our children in lifelong key skills as well as ensuring their social and physical wellbeing. Our world class facilities and resources enable our children to grow with confidence. Through the various activities and events we offer, families have the opportunity to actively engage in their children’s learning.


We look forward to welcoming you personally at our many school events and working with you and your children as they travel through their educational life.


Welcome to the Secondary School

Mr. Chris Woodall


Mr. Chris Woodall

 Head of Secondary School

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I would like to welcome everybody to Greengates Secondary School. My name is Chris Woodall, and I am the Head of the Secondary School. I have been in Mexico since 2010. I originally started my employment as a chemistry teacher; then I became the IGCSE coordinator. Finally, I moved into senior leadership as a deputy head before taking up my current role as the Head of the Secondary school in 2018. I am a British citizen from Liverpool in the northwest of England, and I also went to university in Liverpool and completed my teacher training in the Northwest of England. I have been teaching since 2004, and most of this time has been teaching internationally in several countries.


My main role as the Head of the Secondary School is to help every student reach their full potential in academics and as world citizens whilst at Greengates School. The support we offer is not just academic but pastoral, which allows the students to develop in a well-rounded education system. I believe the communication between families and the secondary school leadership team is essential for your children's development.


Our international curriculum offers a wide variety of opportunities for all types of students with a grounded British feel to the delivery. In addition, all our teachers and students share a mutual respect, which enhances the fantastic learning environment that Greengates School provides.