Primary School

It is my pleasure to welcome you and your children to our Primary School. Together with my dedicated, enthusiastic and hard working team of educators, we aim to help children achieve their potential in a friendly, collaborative and secure environment. We focus on helping children ‘make connections to build knowledge, strengthen skills and deepen understanding’. 
We are a community of dynamic international teachers and families from around the world. Our broad curriculum includes a variety of subject areas, with specialist teachers in music, PE and IT. We focus on educating our children in lifelong key skills as well as ensuring their social and physical well-being. Our world class facilities and resources enable our children to grow with confidence. Through the various activities and events we offer, families have the opportunity to actively engage in their children’s learning.
We look forward to welcoming you personally at our many school events and working with you and your children as they travel through their educational life.
Susan Cox
Head of Primary
Our IEYC and IPC Programme
Greengates Primary School is a fully accredited International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) and International Primary Curriculum (IPC) School with aspects of mastering in its practice.
Not only is Greengates the first school to achieve IEYC and IPC accreditation in Mexico, but it is also one of the first to achieve both Primary and Early Years accreditation in Latin America and the World.    
The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) is used in schools all over the world. Currently, this includes over 2,000 national and international schools in over 98 countries. The IPC was introduced in 2000 and has been successfully meeting the learning needs of Primary children. In 2016, the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) was launched, recognizing the importance of early years’ education in its own right, and focusing on the importance of learning through play. Both the IEYC and IPC ensure that children are learning a current and highly relevant curriculum based on the very latest research into the brain and the increasing understanding of how children learn.            
Learning with the IEYC and IPC means that children focus on a combination of academic, personal and international learning that is exciting, engaging and challenging. The aim of the IEYC and IPC is to help every child enjoy the learning of a wide range of subjects, including science, history, geography, and art. It also focuses on developing an enquiring mind, the personal goals that will help throughout teenage and adult years, to develop a sense of his or her own nationality and culture, while at the same time developing a profound respect for the nationalities and cultures of others.
Through the IEYC and IPC approach to learning, children develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to confidently face the world of tomorrow. At Greengates School, this approach to learning includes our relationship with the host country of Mexico and the educational authorities of the Secretaria de Educación Publica (SEP). Mexican nationals, and other native Spanish speakers, achieve certification for the learning targets of SEP, through mother tongue language lessons and IPC Social Studies lessons. For international students, we have the expectation that they will achieve literacy in Spanish by the end of their Primary School years, as well as develop knowledge of Mexican history and geography, and an appreciation of the country’s rich culture and traditions.
The IEYC and IPC are part of Fieldwork Education which, since 1984 has been helping schools all around the world to develop children’s learning.
The IEYC and IPC are part of Fieldwork Education which, since 1984 has been helping schools all around the world to develop children’s learning.
Our programme received recognition for excellent practice and was given the highest award, of mastering, in the following areas, and received a total of 51 mastering awards in the 58 individual categories.
• A clear focus on improving learning
• A shared vision about the kinds of children we are helping to develop
• International Mindedness
• The significance and development of knowledge, skills, and understanding
• IEYC: Engagement and enjoyment in high-quality learning experiences that support
and extend learning and development
• IPC: Rigorous children’s learning, and teachers’ high expectations of it
• Implementation of the Learning Process of the International Curricula
• IEYC: Implementation of themes through holistic learning experiences
• IPC: Implementation of themes through independent yet interdependent subjects