IB Diploma

 Lower 6 and Upper 6
Greengates School is a fully accredited IB World School.
In the Lower and Upper Sixth Forms, all students follow the IB Diploma Programme, a curriculum designed to stretch the best of university-bound secondary students by imposing an international and objectively determined standard of excellence. Our Diploma Programme pass rate has been at 98 to 100% in recent years, which is well above the world average.
Students must study six subjects plus theory of knowledge (TOK), creativity, activity, service (CAS) and submit an extended essay (EE). The six subjects are composed of three or four at higher level (HL) and two or three at standard level (SL).

As a pre-university course, three principles are central in the model: breadth, flexibility and relevance.
Greengates School has gained a reputation as one of the leading IB schools in the region, graduating students to universities in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Mexico, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Norway, Spain, Japan, Korea and beyond.
The Diploma Model
Group 1   English A, Spanish A, Japanese A, Korean A Other Languages A (Mother tongue)
                Courses: Literature, Language & Literature
Group 2   English B, French B, Spanish B, Spanish ab initio
Group 3   Economics, Geography, History, Psychology
Group 4   Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science SL
Group 5   Mathematics HL, SL
Group 6   Visual Arts, Theatre
Higher Level courses consist of 240 hours
Standard Level courses consist of 150 hours
Core Subjects:
CAS: The CAS programme which stands for creativity, activity, service, has seven learning outcomes to meet, through extended activities/projects – designed, planned, implemented and reflected on by the students. Projects can involve: tutoring younger children; helping in local community organisations (e.g. local school, library or old people’s home); or other activities.

Extended Essay: A 4,000-word research paper under supervision in recognised IB subject – invaluable preparation for higher education. Develops independent research skills and thesis writing skills.
TOK: 1,600-word essay and an exhibition of 950 words. The course explores areas of knowledge and themes focusing on the nature of knowledge. Students engage in critical reflection on knowledge and experience acquired within and beyond the classroom.
All courses are externally examined. Most also include an element (usually 20 to 40%) of externally moderated Internal Assessment.

IB grades are awarded on a scale of 1 to 7, with 4 considered to be a minimum passing grade in a particular subject. 3 further points can be awarded for the EE and TOK producing a top score of 45 with a pass at 24 points.