Physical Education

Senior Physical Education aims to teach the students the fundamentals of a wide range of sports and activities in the hope that they develop an interest and wish to continue taking part in that sport or activity outside P.E. classes. Activities including football (soccer), rugby, basketball, volleyball, health-related fitness, swimming, softball and hockey.
Students will also have to opportunity to take part in various house games, swimming gala and sports day throughout the school year. House captains will be selected at the beginning of the year and they will be responsible for helping P.E. teachers organise their teams.  
The P.E. Department has an extensive afternoon activity programme that runs throughout the whole school year. We aim to give the children a large variety of activities and sports teams. The various sports and age groups will run on different terms throughout the year to allow all students the opportunity to take part. Sports include football (soccer), rugby, basketball, swimming, softball, tennis, cross country and volleyball.
House Games and Intra School Competitions                              
Throughout the course of the year, the children will have the chance to take part in various competitions in many sports. This will take place during Thursday Long Break. They will undertake all the main sports played at Greengates, as well as some others. In addition to this, they will also take part in the Swimming Gala and Sports Day. All sports and activities will require full P.E. Kit in order for them to participate.