National Programme


Students from all Latin American countries, Spain, Portugal and Italy are required to follow a slightly different course from the international programme in order to revalidate their studies so that they will be recognised in their home country.

In F1 to F3, instead of studying three periods each of geography and history per week, National Programme students study ciencias sociales for four periods and have two periods of either geography or history (one semester for each). All students, whether international or National Programme students, study Spanish for  four periods per week at an appropriate level.

In F4, although there is no IGCSE qualification in ciencias sociales, one of the students’ option choices must be this subject. These students will go on to study Spanish literature as an IGCSE subject as ciencias sociales is no longer required in F5.

In F5 to U6, students must take an UNAM class for one hour per week after school.