Dear Greengates Community,
I am delighted to be here at Greengates school.  My first days here have been full of learning, conversation and a developing sense of the history and trajectory of this fine school. 
I have come to Mexico after most recently serving as Head at the Nord Anglia school in Panama, the MET.  I have had a long path in education that has brought me here. 
When I took on the role as Head of School in Panama, they had just joined the Nord Anglia family and so I lived through and led the integration. While such change can take a school out of its comfort zone, I can say without a doubt that coming into the Nord Anglia family was very good for our school in Panama and I know it will be for Greengates. It made us a better school in every way, and it connected us to a tremendous network of schools, educators and students around the world.  By and large, change is good and change is inevitable. 
Importantly, we are not alone in this project but now part of a robust and collaborative network of excellent schools.
What I have found in this short time at Greengates is an exceptional school. The maturity, friendliness and focus of the students is one of the first things I observed. Among the staff I am hearing of a powerful vocation, and a desire to help our young people become deep learners and good citizens. The team is eager to dialogue, innovate and create a school on a path of continuous improvement and in pursuit of excellence. I am coming to have very high regard for this excellent and hard working team at Greengates, as well as for the smart and committed students and parents I have met. 
You can count on me to give my all to the integration, and to a key transition year, as the school takes steps towards its future while at the same time holding on to its very special past, history, and identity as Greengates.
I am delighted to be here.  I look forward to meeting you in the coming days and I look forward to our work ahead.
Daniel McKee

General Director


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