Years 12 and 13


In their final two years at Greengates School, our Upper Secondary students in Years 12 and 13 follow the full International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), the gold standard in global education that leads to the prestigious diploma recognised by leading universities worldwide. We’re proud to enable our students to earn the full IB Diploma – and not just IB courses for a certificate – from our location in greater Mexico City. The IB Diploma allows our students can attain the highest level of study prior to their college or university studies, which opens the doors of the world's best institutions for their next stage. 
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Studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

Greengates School is a fully accredited IB World School. We deliver the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) from Mexico to stretch our secondary students with an international standard of excellence. Our IBDP pass rate has been at 98 to 100% in recent years, which is well above the world average.
To earn the full, highly regarded IB Diploma, students must study six subjects that they may choose based on their interests. They also must study the three components known as the ‘theory of knowledge’ (TOK), ‘creativity, activity, service’ (CAS, and the ‘extended essay’ (EE), which they write. The IBDP’s six subjects are composed of three or four at higher level (HL) and two or three at standard level (SL).

Greengates has gained a reputation as one of the leading IB schools in the region and is proud to offer more than just IB courses but the full Diploma Programme. Our graduates have attended universities in the UK, US, Canada, Mexico, The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Norway, Spain, Japan, Korea, and beyond.

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IBDP students must select six subjects from the following. Students make their choices strategically based on their interests and strengths.

  • Group 1: English A, Spanish A, Japanese A, Korean A, or Other Languages A (native tongue); Courses: Literature or Language and Literature
  • Group 2: English B, French B, Spanish B, or Spanish ab initio
  • Group 3: Economics, Geography, History, or Psychology
  • Group 4: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or Computer Science SL
  • Group 5: Mathematics HL or SL
  • Group 6: Visual Arts or Theatre

Higher Level courses consist of 240 hours.
Standard Level courses consist of 150 hours.

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The IBDP has three core components: 

  • TOK: the ‘theory of knowledge’ or TOK explores areas of knowledge and themes that focus on the nature of knowledge. Students engage in critical reflection on knowledge in and beyond the classroom, and they write a 1,600-word essay and create a presentation of 950 words.
  • CAS: ‘Creativity, Activity, Service’ or CAS has seven learning outcomes to meet, through extended activities or projects that are designed, planned, and implemented by the students. Projects can involve tutoring younger children, helping in local community organisations (e.g., a local school, library, or elderly people’s home), or other activities.
  • Extended Essay (EE): Students write a 4,000-word research paper in an IB subject of their choice, as invaluable preparation for their college and university studies. The EE develops their independent research and thesis writing skills.
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  • YEARS 12 AND 13


Culminating our time at Greengates, we embrace our strengths and passions through the IBDP, preparing us for academic excellence on the world stage. We thrive through different challenges and excel with our finest performances – allowing us to choose from the best universities and career routes, globally.
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A good start to the day is essential for us in IB Diploma Programme! We go to our Form Tutors who give us guidance about any deadlines we might be worried about, and they support us with different strategies that help us thrive.
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The IBDP challenges us to go beyond our comfort zones, including through components like ‘TOK’ – or the theory of knowledge. In this class, we scrutinise different ideas, debate, and examine how we know what we know.
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We can go to our IBDP area outside the auditorium and relax on the picnic tables together, while eating our lunches and sharing about our day so far. We take time to get rejuvenated before afternoon lessons. 
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In our IB science classes – whether biology, chemistry, physics, or computer science – we investigate questions of the world and conduct eye-opening experiments that we can measure through the scientific method. 
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In our IB language and literature classes, we examine thought-provoking stories by different authors who explored their cultures, and we practice expressing our thoughts, finding the right words. We connect with each other and different ideas from history.
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Through the ‘CAS’ component of the IB, after school, we spend our time with communities that benefit from our help or participation, whether that’s tutoring younger students or contributing to a school team.

Small groups and individualised learning

IBDP teachers provide one-on-one attention and support in small groups, as an effective way to support our students in achieving their goals. The small groups have no more than 15 to 18 students. Additionally, our teachers will assist students after school hours to help them develop in the most challenging areas. 

This high level of personalised interactions helps them to develop a deeper understanding of the IBDP and build the critical thinking and problem solving-skills they need to achieve higher grades on their exams. 

Interested in learning more? Discover the difference between our international and national programmes.

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Our multicultural community and international curriculum will open worldwide opportunities for your child’s achievement and help lay the groundwork for their success in a globally connected future.

Our academic excellence
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