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19 January, 2024

Our 100+ Afternoon Activities Programme

Our 100 Afternoon Activities

At Greengates School, extracurricular activities (Afternoon Activities) are a cornerstone of our commitment to nurturing well-rounded, globally-minded individuals. These activities are designed to expand students’ horizons in addition to what they learn in the classroom, allow them to pursue a broad range of interests, and make friends throughout the wider school community.




Beyond the classroom, these activities seamlessly integrate with our academic curriculum, offering students unparalleled opportunities for holistic growth. Through sports, arts, and clubs, Greengates students cultivate essential life skills, from teamwork to adaptability, enhancing their educational journey.


Beyond the classroom


Greengates offers four main sports: volleyball, football (soccer), basketball, and swimming. We have competitive junior and varsity teams for boys and girls during all three terms, where Greengates competes against other local schools.

We also offer cross-country, climbing, rhythmic gymnastics, Global Games Club, catch ball, tennis, badminton and flag football.

In addition, we have clubs around the arts, academics and other interests and hobbies such as photography, cooking, Knitting Club, Film-making Club, International Cooking Club, STEAM, videogame development, tutoring workshops and more.


Clubs around the arts


Our tailored approach ensures that every extracurricular endeavor aligns with our high standards of academic excellence, contributing to a vibrant, supportive community where students thrive academically and personally.


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