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31 May, 2024

An unforgettable week at the Nord Anglia Performing Arts Festival 2024

An unforgettable week at the Nord Anglia Performing Arts Festival 2024

In May I had the pleasure of taking a group of our Greengates students to the Nord Anglia Performing Arts Festival in Miami.  The Performing Arts Festival was a chance for the students to take part in music, drama and dance workshops with industry standard professionals. It was a great opportunity for the students to meet other children from the Nord Anglia community and celebrate their shared love of the arts.  We were also able to attend a performance of Mrs Doubtfire the Musical which was fantastic and a great opportunity for the children to see the professionals in action.

Performing Arts Festival 2024

Pedro S. - Year 6 student

I really enjoyed the trip because it was really fun to see another Nord Anglia school and meet other children who are interested in the performing arts. I took part in the musical theatre workshop where we had to learn a song and dance in just 2 days before performing in front of hundreds of people in a concert hall. I would recommend the Performing Arts Festival to other children who enjoy drama and music as it was an incredible experience.

Luana F. - Year 7 student

I really enjoyed my time in Miami on the Performing Arts Festival trip. I took part in workshops on audition technique, theatre improvisation and hip hop dance. I really enjoyed all of the workshops, but I think theatre improv was the best because I got to experiment with different scenes and I enjoyed the free structure of the workshop. I also got to watch other children perform and get ideas from them. I enjoyed being part of the show and performing with my new and old friends. I would recommend this trip to my fellow students next year as it was an incredible experience.

Performing Arts Festival

As the Nord Anglia Performing Arts Festival 2024 drew to a close, it was clear that the experience had left a lasting impression on everyone involved. The fusion of workshops with top professionals, the thrill of live performances and the camaraderie of students from different Nord Anglia schools created an environment of inspiration and growth. Our students returned not only with enhanced skills, but with treasured memories and new-found friends. The festival captured the essence of the arts - bringing people together, encouraging creativity and celebrating talent.

Aidan Mc Allister
Year 4 Teacher